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Isnin, 6 Ogos 2012

Diary of An Otaku: My Excel's Drawing

Huhaiii (^0^)/

I'm writing this entry into English version, as someone could understand what I wanted to say. Waiting for him to online at Skype, I tried my very best to produce some sketch my using MS Excel. Back then, one of my friend told me about a blog that teach us how to sketch by using Excel. Eagerly to know, I asked her how to do some sketch and she just told me something. It is exactly the same as u use Paint, but the difference is u need to know how to adjust the line color. It is easy as piece of cake! =D

Below are the variations of Doraemon I;ve manage to made. (Anyway, I made that pink version to represent myself...=P

And...modified version...

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