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Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

Dari Meja Otaku: #4 Supernatural Manga Nurarihyon no Mago: Who Rikuo Will Ends Up With? Pro and Contra!

Dear Diary,

This is my own opinions about a manga Nurarihyon no Mago until chapter 24 so far. So, I got several informations left to discussed with, that's why I didnt wrote it here... =D

now I start to dig about the pro and contra of who will Rikuo's ending with...

Tsurara/Yuki Onna --> she's very protective and full of skills...beside, if Rikuo ends up with her, there will be another 3/4 blood of yokai inside their childrens... but, if the ending was about the same as Rikuo's father? I mean, Tsurara Yuki can't bear a child... ^^" err... Tsurara will definitely make a perfect match for the Third, just isnt she just look like a servant more than a lover? coz she's tailing him (Rikuo) around. And I think she deserves to be a loyal servant more than a wife to the Third.

Yura--> This active girl seems totally awesome. I got no point of it but it seems like she will become a good wife to Rikuo. Just one thing... maybe she's not a very close character to him, much opposite to Tsurara that always following Rikuo everywhere makes her character much more interesting to me even she's hardly to appear in manga. In addition, Yura seems like she's just be able to befriend with Rikuo instead being his lover.

Kana--> Kana is an ordinary girl. I love her character. Being ordinary in all of her way, get jealous easily. That's what a girl is like. She admire the Third instead of Rikuo and claiming that Rikuo's day and night's appearance is friend. However, because she was only an ordinary human, she got no power or I can said that she cant even do anything if Rikuo in danger. Different from both Tsurara and Yura, she'll mostly the one who are being saved by Rikuo (because he promise her to). If Rikuo choose her, I bet that their child also will be an ordinary human only. But the Nura clan will end their youkai's blood inside the line and that's what the cursed is about.

IDK why I'm so addicted to both Yura and Kana's characters... and... = =" since when did I manage to read those supernatural manga?!!! even start to read more and more... not obsessed but just addicted...

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