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Khamis, 24 November 2011

A Medicine For My Sorrow: Al-Quran and Violin from My Mother, Spirit and Guitar from My Father

Dear Diary,

An English version again... Hello everyone... I've been so busy lately. There's no suitable words to said that I'm so happy with the "recover" of my blog... *clap*clap*clap*... yay~<3 so I can write the entry again (right now, I'm working on a very2 long2 entry about my camp...almost the full stories of it...XD...

Like I've said before, human got their up and down... and I do lately feel so. Most of the time I prefer to be silent as I start to get confused and everything seems a blend mixing to me. My semester 3 lives was very WEIRD, since so many things had happened unexpectedly. You know, I could tell that there was a secret admirers of me (seriously I'm so surprise...O.O" BUT I think that they find the wrong girl <me>... XD). okay, enough for that... unsuitable topics for me... it makes me wanna throws everything out. Yesterday, my group (me and my senior, abang Mus) and the combination of another group of my sister Helen, Maybe and Yvonne, got the presentation of webquest: Wordpress. I'm the developer, and the rest help me very much with their ability to translate... heheheeh <3 a big applause to them... *clap*clap*clap*

Okay... before that, I've been through so much about the sorrow life... when I almost give up on everything include my academic... yet my father call me and give me his advices and so on... Papa... I love you so much... ='D thanks for the advices... but the guitar from him... ^^" errrr.... I put it at my sister's house.... I miss that guitar so much...my Legolas de Amour. But, the "spirit" that my Papa gave to me was nearly to my heart... why? because of the blue ocean pendant he bought for me long time ago... yes, the blue ocean crystal pendant that really special because it was the only one that sold by the owner of the shop, like the Phantomhive ring color. I always can feel the presence of my family member when I'm alone... weird, but it is very true. My youngest sister also got the same pendant as me, but she own the purple in color...almost pink. It does suits us very well, because my siblings are 7, then it seems like we're representing the rainbow color. Have a look:

a) My eldest sister: got the ruby ring and bracelet from her husband (and her husband got the inherited Keris with ruby in color from his family)
b) My eldest brother: he own something orange... his Samurai... (my sis-in-law like orange)
c) My second brother: he own something yellow... almost gold in color... (his wife also love that color)
d) My second sister: got her wedding gift in green color and her husband's fav.color is green
e) Me: definitely got the blue pendant...and will be calm down when I saw blue color...
f) My younger sister: she own something in dark blue... almost near to dark purple and she loves it
g) My youngest sister: she got the purple-pink pendant... and she own so many pink and purple things... =.="

ah... weird...XD

Suddenly, I remember about my mother's al-Quran, which she gave to me since I can read the letters of Jawi... when I read and recite that al-Quran, I can feel the soft voice of Papa and the hug of Mama near to me... feel so calm and sometimes I can smell the smell of Mama long time ago when I'm still a kid... maybe... 15-17 years old ago. Miss that moment so much... ah...time is really running faster.

Mama do gives me a present for my academic achievement. So, I bought a violin because it was my first list that I wanted to own...and I wanted to play most. When I remember about her, I will play the violin...and the memories of everything will comes out... mama is really special by her own even... ^^" errr... NVM... I know why does she always like that... every mothers loves their child, but it is very hard for a child to loves their mother... hehehehe

Academic... activities...hanging out a lil' bit... I tried to suits myself with this kind of life that I never thought about it before...and thanks so much to Sir coz he does remind me about a lot of things in the life of a student. =)

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  1. =D waah acrobaleno siblings

    hehe bila kamu marah ni kena cepat2 cari benda biru tunjuk kat kamu

  2. Ingat Allah dan nescaya Allah akan mengingati kita. (=