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Khamis, 26 Julai 2012

Eqbal Zack: Brisbane Giveaway

Huhaiiii (^0^)/

This is my first time to follow Senpai Eqbal's blog. I still recall, during that time I've visited his blog I saw this contest. I am so happy when I saw the Kangaroo pencil case. Their eyes were so shiny back then. O.O" Seriously... see that giveaway for yourself.. are those eyes shiny when you look at them? (senpai, I wanted to tell you that I really fall in love with those Kangaroo)... may the luck with me to have one... Q////Q

3 Kangaroo Pencil Case
Also, he gives these giveaway too for the contest...

4 Exclusive Key chains and 2 Koala Coin Bag..
Viel Glueck Haben for everyone who participate!! =D And for Senpai, thanks so much to share us this GA pictures.. *adore*

Anyway, you can visit his blog for the information about the contest here (you can read the other interesting entries too):