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Jumaat, 16 Disember 2011

--Dream Diary #1-- Winter Dream: A Space Trip with Naemah

Dear Diary,

Just now I've dream something weird... got fever today and I take the Paracetamol before went to sleep.

I've receive a ticket of lucky draw from the book fair at DP2. Naemah Anuwar also with me, giving her attention to the lucky draw. I said "ah, forgot about it... for lucky draw I always got bad luck you know". Suddenly, they announce the matrix number. I got the grand prize, and you know it was a space trip to the other planet for two people. so I said "IS IT TRUE?! Naemah, I'm just dreaming, let's go to the class". She said "It is true. Claim your prize". I said "Naemah, please accompany me" and I remember that she was teasing me to bring along my boyfriend and I said "WHAT?! I dont have one and dont want to have it... disgusting and really annoying". She laugh at me.

Then we're going with a space ship by NASA...so beautiful with the modern equipment inside it. Not only us, there were almost 50 other persons inside the space ship. We're headings to the Mars. It only takes the short time to reach there. Then, we do arrived at a building called "Space Research Center". There, we saw so many facts about galaxy and universe. Naemah and me went to buy some food for us, and I bought a cup of vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce at the top. And then, we heard the announcement. "To all of the passengers that comes here with NASA space ship, we're definitely apologize for you all. The space ship will return here only next month due to the lack of oil source in the Earth". Everybody were shocked.

"No way! We still got our class on Monday! I'm still didn't pass up my invention...oh...my marks" I said to Naemah, panic. She said "I think I saw the UFO moving just now...see?" she's pointing at the big black UFO. "HURRY! RUN!!!" I said to her... and suddenly, we're accidentally struck to someone. "Sorry" I said. Then when I look at the person, I'm so shocked. It was our lecturer! "Hallo" said our lecturer. "Dr.Raimond, sorry for my improper attitude but I would like to ask you, what are you doing here?" I said. He just smiling to us, and said "I'm having my space trip of course. With my daughter here" and he pointing to a beautiful young golden-blonde hair maiden. "Hi" she said. I'm looking at Naemah. "What are you doing here btw?" he asked me.

" I win a space trip for two persons, of coz in lucky draw"

"REALLY? So do I. My daughter got it from a bookfair in German"

"How weird. Sir, we need to hurry right now. The only way to go home is by that UFO" I said to him.

"No, I think I wanted to spend my time here to do some of my preparations for the next semester's classes"


"NVM, you girls can go home right now"

"How about my invention??"

"You may ask Dr.Renate to pass it to me via Space Airlines"

"Is that possible?? Sir, this is weird. I'm in my dream right?"

"No, you're not."

"Okay... fine. this is really weird."


"Good luck for your final exam. Do your very best!" Dr. Raimond said to us.

"Okay" said Naemah.

We're definitely running to the UFO, but we miss it! The UFO already fly about a feet when we're near to it. The wind from it's fan really strong and we couldnt see anything.

"No... wait!! we wanna go home!!" and both me and Naemah chase after the UFO. Suddenly, something falling from the UFO. Like a piece of clear mirror. When both of us touch it... and then... ZHAAAAAPPPPP!!!!!! I'm here, at my room?? huh?? dreaming? I saw my phone, it was already late... evening huh... I saw my glass with the panadols near to it. Ah... dreaming... but... somehow, why I can feel like it was really true?

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